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Privacy Policy:

In order to provide you the high quality of service that characterizes us, we may need to collect personal information from you, such as: name, special diets, contact details, and travel preferences, among others. All this information will be used to reserve private transportation, hotel, etc. The information will be used only for the above purposes. We will not transmit or disclose your personal information beyond A La Carta Tours unless you authorize us to do it. With your authorization, we will disclose the information to our service providers as necessary in order to receive the required services or use the information for marketing purposes, taking care of customers’ security.

Our company values your opinion. That is why, if you have any suggestion, question or comment about our tours or organization, your email will be more than welcome in our mailbox, where it will be shared with the people within our organization who are most able to address the issues contained in your message. Your message will be kept for the period of time it takes to address the issues raised. Once it has been resolved it will be deleted.

We will take appropriate security measures to secure and keep your information private.