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About us:

Our initiative is part of a vision that allows visitors to spend their time, sharing aspects of our cultural heritage and promote the identification of Antigua as an international tourist destination. Services of a travel agency receptive showing visitors the various attractions on offer around Guatemala. Our tours are designed to satisfy different tastes. They are complementary. You may do as many as you wish because you will visit different sites.

Our Team

a la carta tours team

We here at Ala Carta Tours have a team dedicated to bring you an unforgettable experience, taking into account the interests, expectations, and needs of the customer.

We work with the values of honesty, compromise, creativity, transparency, and respect. The development of our community is fundamental due to the work we do together with equal vision to provide the visitor with quality service. When visiting Guatemala, remember that for Ala Carta Tours, it's always a pleasure to serve.

Our Guides

All our guides are authorized by "INGUAT" (The Guatemalan Institute of Tourism) and all are selected for their character, professionalism, and love for Guatemala. Certified in being general tour guide in which permits them to provide their services an all of the country for their ample knowledge. They are characterized by their friendliness, service, professional, and the way they give the tourist a rich experience.